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Therapeutic Partnership Inc
Provides Behavior Analysis and Mental Health Counseling to children with developmental disabilities.


Therapeutic Partnership is a behavioral health agency that focuses on delivering both mental health counseling and behavior analysis therapy including evidence-based procedures. Our purpose is to assist children, adolescents, and adults throughout their life span to develop and increase their functioning skills while adapting to their daily environment and develop to their full potential. Each client receives therapeutic services such as comprehensive assessments and support and treatment methods. Therapeutic Partnership is devoted to strengthening effectiveness, success, and peak development based on their individual needs. Moreover, adhering by the ethical standards outlined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board in addition to the American Counseling Association.

Behavior Analysis

 Behavior Analysis is an empirically based teaching methodology involving the application of basic behavioral principles to reduce maladaptive behaviors and teach socially significant skills including language, play, academic, motor, self-help, and adaptive living skills. 

One to One Therapy

Therapy is one on one with the child & family in their home &/or community environments, to assist where maladaptive behaviors are most prominent. Each family will have a team with a Lead Analyst and Behavior Assistant which will work collaboratively to improve the child's behaviors and living skills. Therapy can be up to 40 hours a week depending on severity.  

Parent Trainings

Families will be trained to assist children reduce maladaptive behaviors and acquire skills necessary to become independent individuals . Ongoing discussion/training will take place with caregivers on child's ongoing progress and current problem behaviors.


2468  SW 137th Ave.

Miami FL 33175

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